Our Lawyers Won a $1.5 Million Verdict, With a $1 Million Punitive Damages Award, After Defendant’s
Rejection of a $25,000 Settlement Offer

In an action involving the break up of two doctors sharing a medical practice, the client pursued a damage claim which was initially unquantified. The client believed that his partner had failed to pay profit sharing amounts of approximately $80,000.00. The client’s original counsel had tendered a $25,000.00 statutory settlement offer which was rejected by the defendant.

Through written discovery, document productions and depositions, the base claim became quantified. Moreover, a pattern of deceitful and unfair business practices by the defendant against our client, and to other business persons with whom he dealt, emerged. At trial, the judge was persuaded to admit all such evidence for the jury to consider. This evidence effectively served to impeach defendant’s character.

The client’s damage claim was developed further, to include lost profits and business opportunities emanating from the rancor which developed between the two doctors. The defendant doctor was found to have interfered with the client’s business relationship with a hospital at which both worked. The client’s original $80,000 claim was thereby expanded substantially to include lost profits, diminished reputation and impaired pecuniary opportunities.

An extensive damage analysis was presented at trial, and the jury was persuaded to accept all of the damage items sought by our client. Evidence of the defendant’s unfair and deceitful conduct led the jury to find our client’s misappropriation claim to be valid, as well as the loss profits and opportunity damages, all of which totaled $500,000.00.

The jury also found the defendant had committed fraud by engaging in such deceit with malice and ill will toward our client. Consequently, the jury awarded punitive damages against the defendant doctor for an amount in excess of $1 Million. The total verdict obtained by this firm’s lawyer at trial exceeded $1.5 Million.

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