Defense Of A Major Overnight Mail And Shipping Company To High Potential Damages Emanating
From The Collapse Of A Scissor Lift

Counsel for this firm represented a major overnight mail delivery and freight shipping company (“Delivery Company”) in a case arising from a defective scissor lift. During ordinary operating conditions, the scissor lift collapsed, injuring two employees. One of the employees suffered lacerations and broken bones. Unfortunately, a second employee was more seriously injured, becoming paraplegic. Our client was sued for providing a dangerous workplace environment, allegedly created by the defective scissor lift.

Through the course of discovery and expert analysis, the lift was found to be defectively manufactured. Through negotiations, liability was indeed assumed by the manufacturer and a separate maintenance provider company. Notwithstanding the high amount of potential monetary damage, our Delivery Company client was not required to pay any money to achieve a full resolution of the matter. Moreover, our client was fully released from any liability pursuant to a global settlement agreement reached among all parties to the lawsuit.

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