Established A Defense To The Alleged Failure Of A Chemical Fire Suppression System To Activate

Defended the manufacturer of a chemical fire suppression system which serviced a deep fryer appliance. The deep fryer appliance malfunctioned resulting in a catastrophic fire which destroyed an entire restaurant building. The suppression system failed to extinguish the fire and indeed did not activate. This firm developed evidence that the deep fryer had a history of malfunctions resulting in frequent grease fires that would cause the suppression system to activate. When activated, the suppression system would inundate the deep fryer and the work area with fire retardant chemicals, disrupting usage of the machine and surrounding work areas.

An examination of the deep fryer established that the suppression system had been purposefully disengaged. It thus became apparent that, rather than repair the deep fryer from causing grease fires, the user decided to simply disengage the suppression system. A strong defense was thereby established posturing the case for a successful settlement resolution for the client.

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